The Friends of the 60s/Alton Black Alumni Association (FOS/ABAA) decided to build on the success of our biennial reunion event. We made community involvement our year-round responsibility.  Following are a few 2015 highlights:

  • FOS/ABAA became more broadly involved in community-wide activities
  • Supported opening of new Grassroots Grocery ($120 donation)
  • Participated in Juneteenth
  • Supported National Council of Negro Women 2015 Debutante Ball
  • Participated in A Precious Organization 3rd Annual Sickle Cell Walk and donated $125 to the cause
  • Supported the Miles Davis Memorial Project (high profile participation and financial support – donated $400 for signature granite block at Miles Davis monument site)
  • Brought the community together for fun-filled Trivia Night (scholarship fundraiser) event
  • Recognized / Supported Mr. Richard Johnson –FOS/ABAA was well represented at his 90th birthday celebration

Note:  During the 60’s Mr. Johnson was a mentor/role model extraordinaire to so many of our black male students.  He has attended all of our biennial reunion events.

  • December 2015 – Donated $50 holiday gift cards to 5 needy families (consulted with Alton school administrators)
  • FOS/ABAA conducted our first annual Strategic Planning Workshop
  • Defined our Mission, Vision, Values and Goals
  • Decided to transition from a social-only organization to a civic/community-focused entity
  • Formally changed the name from Alton Friends of the 60’s/Alton Black Alumni…to…Friends of the 60’s/Alton Black Alumni Association…and applied for 501c3 and charitable, not-for-profit status
  • FOS/ABAA established the Leo C. Cox Scholarship Fund – will award 1st scholarship in 2016.


Project History and Dedication Program

MD-musical note platformFOS-ABA MDavis Block-2FOS-ABA MDavis Block


MD Crowd3 Miles Statue_rearview

Miles up close

Miles Davis Sculpture-PrestonJackson_JimKillion_9-12-15




Carol-Michele State Sen Haine


5th Annual Walk for Sickle Cell  – September 2017

FOS helped raise awareness of sickle cell disease.


Sickle Cell Walk-a-thon – 9/12/15

There was a great community turn-out for this worthy event and FOS/ABAA was well represented.

Sep19_SickleCell Walk Sickle Cell Walk-a-thon



Juneteenth – 6/13/15

FOS/ABAA board member, Lee Barham, worked closely with NCNW to make this annual event a huge success.



Grass roots Grocery – Summer 2015

We were a financial donor in support of the opening of this community-focused grocer (Ridge Street )

Grassroots Grocery is:

– A democratically managed by member-owners store, providing the leadership and support to develop the resiliency and collaborative skills we need for a truly inclusive and just community. – An economically viable cooperative grocery that makes healthy food more accessible to all. – A local food distribution system that keeps money circulating in the local economy and supports new sustainable development. – A place of community engagement of diverse stakeholders (neighborhoods, schools, churches, local government, parks, and other groups and individuals) to improve health , self-reliance, community wellness, and shared opportunities.

Youth Scholarship Program – launched in 2015

Our first annual scholarship will be awarded in 2016.